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Relevancy Is the Key to Success With Google AdWords – Part 2

Relevance also relates to all the ancillary terms your add uses. For example, a typical Google add for mortgage refinancing may contain the words debt, home loan and interest rates. Though these are pertinent to the subject matter, they are not Google appropriate terms. They are not Google-relevant terms.

An ad on Google with these extra ancillary terms in addition to the words mortgage and refinancing will rank lower if at all than an add just used the terms mortgage and refinancing. This is due to the high risk of Google censoring the ads because it is too ambiguously defined, not specific enough, and does not place enough focus on its primary keywords. High ranking space on Google is highly valuable and is not to be wasted on frivolously throwing as many keywords into the mix in order that as many bases as possible are covered. This is definitely a case where it is unwise to let ones eyes become bigger than ones stomach. It is far more advantageous to narrow the focus towards the most relevant and specific keywords than to try and blanket as many quasi-relevant terms as you can think of.

To take this one step further, we’ll completely break down the example of the optimized ad. There is not one word or space in the add that is superfluous. The title simply and concisely draws attention to the add by just having the two most relevant search terms for the product being offered, while at the same time ranking highly for the terms mortgage and refinancing by virtue of them both being in the title. internetmarketing bureau

The first line of the add reiterates the search terms, adding to the relevance and hence the ranking on the Google page, as well as further concentrating the focus of the searcher’s attention. The first line also combines the search term with a benefit to the buyer: “Fast” refinancing approval. This adds to the overall saleability of the product, expending with as little word/space as possible.

The second line of the add, relates more towards the effectiveness of the add rather than to the ranking relevance in Google AdWords. Remember space is precious on your Google add. You are afforded a total of 91 characters in total not excluding the URL. And so those 91 characters not only have to state and restate your search terms, so that your ranking by relevance is at its peak, it also has to be able to sell you product, and communicate effectively to any potential buyers what you are selling, and why you should choose your product above anyone else’s.

The title and first line have been devoted towards ranking, and advertising a benefit of the product. The second line should be devoted towards giving you the advantage in the market itself rather than just the marketing side of the campaign. “Low Rate, Low Fees” emphasize the major benefits of this product in as few words as possible. The next few characters want to focus the potential buyers attention on your website, while at the same time encouraging them to visit your website, or at the least encouraging them to find out more about your product. In my experience a brief call to action can be especially effective in pursuit of this goal. In this case this is achieved by simply typing in the phone number. The “ph” is a call to action i.e. phone this number, followed by the number to call. This is of particular benefit for a number of reasons.

Firstly it gives people an instructional step to follow, calling them to act, and is highly recognized among professionals as a very effective form of advertising, especially limited character advertising. More importantly it is of particular benefit because until recently Google did not allow phone numbers to be written on their adds, and the large majority of advertisers on Google have not yet cottoned on to the idea. This allows a large amount of freedom to get your phone number in where most of your competitors won’t. Most importantly it allows your contact details to be displayed for free on Google by virtue of your add alone, without even spending the money on clicks to your website. When these factors are realised, the simple use of a phone number on your Google add can be a devastatingly effective strategy in advertising and selling your product.


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