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Jet Lag Aversion on International Flights

Travellers after completing long distance or or even any other cross continental trips might have faced the physical situation known as jet lag. It is that time when travellers get fatigued or suffer from a number of other physical problems immediately after taking a long-haul trip. This situation may be characterized by a number of symptoms such as weakness, abnormality in sleeping patterns, disorientation and insomnia. It is caused when travellers fly across a number of time zones and the human body clock is unable to cope with these changes all of a sudden. However, some precautionary measures can reduce the jet lag by quite a margin.

The human body clock is so accustomed that it is adjusted to the alternating rhythms of daylight and darkness according to the place of stay. When fliers travel across continents to a different schedule, the body is unable to get itself adjusted. The problems are more if travellers are flying towards the east rather than when flying to the western side. This is because the body needs to get adjusted to an earlier timing than it was previously running. This makes it more difficult, whereas, in the other case it has to shift to a later schedule. Sometimes, it might take days for adjusting to the change in timings.

Proper rest before the Journey

It is better to take ample rest before travelling as most of the fatigue caused is due to the alteration in sleep timings. Having a good sleep before the day of the journey can be beneficial if travellers are taking an overnight flight. Even if fliers are unable to sleep in the aircraft, the sleep on the previous day might be helpful. Having a stressful schedule before the journey can make adjusting to new time zones all the more tough. Bang Gia Ve Safari Phu Quoc

Opting for Multi-stop Flights

Making a flight booking with stopovers can work wonders for those fliers who are taking a long-haul flight. International airfare across continents is more or less of a comparative value for non-stop and one-stop flights. Frequent fliers suggest that breaking down the journey, which in general span over ten hours into two parts is beneficial for adjustment. A layover of few hours in between might just be the vital factor to let the body get accustomed to the varying conditions. Getting a solid rest for four to five hours in between long trips just acclimatizes the body to bear the brunt of changing time zones.

Booking of Airlines carefully

It is extremely crucial to book the right airline when embarking on a long trip. Trusting the best names in aviation is a sure way to increase the comfort factor in an aircraft. Several luxurious amenities like spacious seats, ample legroom, eye masks and additional lumbar support are provided on booking tickets with leading carriers like on making an All Nippon flight booking. While making reservations, travellers are also advised to check the aircraft being used for availing wide-bodied jets, which offers more space inside the cabin. These factors make sure that fliers have to bear the least amount of fatigue and jet lag even while taking ultra long-haul trips on flights.

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