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How To Avoid Buying Fake Hoodia Products Online

Hoodia is a popular herbal weight loss product that is sold in major health shops online. However, there are extensive findings that indicate the presence of a lot of counterfeit or adulterated supplements.

If you search online for hoodia, you’ll find hundreds of companies selling hoodia and cautioning you not to buy the competitor’s otherwise fake pills. Online stores run the gauntlet from legitimate nutritional supplement producers to scam artists. How should buyers find out if they’re getting the real thing?.

Why Are Fake Hoodia Prevalent? visit –

Fake, adulterated products exist because the supply is scarce currently. Hoodia is a plant that is difficult to grow and takes four to five years in a very hot and arid environments to grow.

CITES, the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species, which is an international agreement between governments to ensure that trade of wild plant and animal specimens doesn’t threaten their survival, has imposed trade limits on hoodia in October 2004. Thus, in order to be legal, a permit must first be obtained before it be grown or collected. The problem however is that there are also fake CITES certificates present in the market.

It’s Hard To Check How Much Hoodia Is In The Product

Another major problem is that it’s impossible to check if a product contains pure hoodia and not some purported active ingredient. One independent firm that verifies the content of products is a Costa Mesa-based laboratory named Alkemists Pharmaceuticals. However, according to, an independent lab in White Plains, New York, there are no authoritative, officially-sanctioned methods for verifying the quality of the products at present. does not test products for that reason.

Even when firms or online stores can present a certificate, some companies may have submitted a genuine sample of the herb to the lab to obtain the seal of authenticity and then mix the adulterated version while in the production process. Health supplement companies might not even be aware that they are using fake, adulterated or low hoodia content because they do not submit their products for independent testing.

UK manufacturer Phytopharm, the firm that holds the license to its purported active ingredient p57, claims that supplements on the market and online stores today contain between 0.1 and 0.01% of the desired amount of the active ingredient, according to analysts. The pills that have been consistently verified as pure hoodia, according to observers, include the Desert Burn brand, the Hoodoba brand from Strictly Health Corp., and the Hoodia product from Millennium Health.

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