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Earring Racks and More – What Earring Racks Can Do For You

Earring holders are used in storing and organizing earrings. With grooves or holes, earring holders secure the earring shaft in place, allowing them to be sealed using the earring lock. They may also be used for displaying large earring collections and may be placed on display cases, desks, or walls.

Kinds of earring holders

To address different needs and preferences, there are different kinds of for you to choose from:

Earring cards – earring cards are small cardboard or plastic sheets that come with two piercings for the shaft to fit in. Some models also feature smaller flaps to hold clip-on earrings. Usually folded at the top, they may then be hung from car racks or wires.

Earring racks – earring racks, on the other hand, have two or more grooved bars that are arranged across vertical frames. Also called as earring trees, earring racks may be mounted on walls or in freestanding models. The number of bars used differ from model to model although desk models usually have two to three while floor and wall racks can have up to 10 bars.

Mesh earring holders – Made from loosely woven fabric, mesh holders use the space between eaves to hold the earring shaft. Usually pinned or hung to a wall, of the three, mesh earring holders are the ones most available with colorful designs and novelty shapes.

Some buying tips

If you’re getting mesh or card earring holders, look for designs that keep your earrings visible to make it easy to find smaller earrings. Colorful patterns tend to make earrings blend in, after all. If you can, opt for solid, neutral colors like gray, while, and black. If you’re looking for metal or wooden racks, look for those that come with felt-lined or padded holders to prevent your earrings from being scratched and scraped. Padding also works for irregularly shaped shafts and will protect delicate materials as well like crystals or glass.


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