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Best Marketing Reporting Tool For Small Business

Every year, millions of people set up small businesses and strive their best to make it big in the marketing world. With such intense competition, it becomes crucial for you to have the perfect blend of result-driving strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. For creating effective strategies, you first have a wide array of marketing data and the efficient marketing reporting tools that can uncover the data to provide you deeper insights into your business operations. With deeper insights, you can make decisions that will bring positive outcomes for your business and paves the path for its success. To help you with the market data integration process, we are mentioning some of the best marketing reporting tools:

Zoho Analytics: Zoho Analytics offers outstanding functionality, and all the credit goes to its comprehensive set of features. The BI platform is backed with AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies that help it to perform intuitive reporting and embedded analytics. The tool aids you in streamlining your data consolidating and reporting processes effectively. With such efficiency, you can access the crucial information faster and make decisions that will let you achieve better outcomes than your competitors.

The platform assists different teams across the organization to work independently and efficiently to bring the best to the organization. Direct Marketing Campaigns

Sisense: Equipped with interactive reports and KPI dashboards, Sisense is a marketing reporting tool that will turn your business into a data-driven organization. It generates real-time data that can be accessed by your employees in every department across your organization to develop faster and deeper insights into the business. This tool allows you to have direct access to the reports from the web browser, or set up email alerts and PDF exports to transfer the information. With Sisense, you can integrate all your data with visually appealing dashboards to drive better insights. The insights can be shared with the authorized personnel, clients, and business partners through interactive dashboards.

With its easy to use drag & drop functionalities, users can adjust data models, tables, and sources, and even generate a new report or dashboard in a few clicks.

ReportPlus: Another market reporting tool that will perfectly fit into your requirements when it comes to functionality. It can be deployed via on-premise as well as on-cloud, and work on real-time data to deliver a clear picture of your overall business operations. The tool supports more than 30 business-specific data visualizations for manufacturing, retail, finance, sales, and other industries working in different domains. You can easily configure the tool as per your requirements and get started with the data integration process to have all sensitive business information at your fingertips.

Looker: Want an intuitive approach to data exploration? If yes, then Looker is the application for you. It has a web-based interface that adds rockets to the efficiency of your data analytics team. The application will help your team to build and share reports in no time so that other departments can go on their way to use these reports for accelerating the business operations. With Looker, make better business decisions that can bring you a greater return on investment.

Datapine: Datapine has no competition when it comes to processing ad-hoc queries at an extremely quick speed. It is equipped with the best data connectors, excellent analytics, and advanced calculations to aid users collate and explore the information they need as fast as possible. With appealing data visualizations and powerful filters, the software makes it easier to create simplified and engaging reports that hold the ability to impress you as well as your stakeholders. It is a flexible software that adapts to every business operation, regardless of the size and complexity.

QlikView: QlikView is a platform that allows users to build reports efficiently and that too at lightning speed. With this software, it becomes easy to export reports into multiple file-formats for faster sharing. It also gives you the option to print reports directly from the platform so that you can avoid going through multiple steps just for getting a report printed. You can permit the access of the software to the required personnel for a seamless sharing of data between them. With QlikView, you can customize dashboards, templates, and connectors to get a more personal experience.

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